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Extreme Low Series

EL Series

Based on the Comfort Sport (CS) series, Extreme Low (EL) series design to allow even further ride height lowering than CS series. For CS series, generally it allow 50~100mm drop from the car stock ride height (ride height adjustment range may varied depend on different vehicle).

For Extreme Low (EL) series, it can lower further 20~30mm more than the CS series. For customer that looking for that stance low ride look, EL series is your choice.

 ● EL-A = Front Rubber Top Mount  /  Rear Rubber or OEM or No Top Mount

 ● EL-B = Front Pillow Top Mount (Camber plate if applicable)  /  Rear Rubber or OEM or No Top Mount

 ● EL-C = Front Pillow Top Mount (Camber plate if applicable)  /  Rear Pillow Top Mount (w/out Camber)

TOY-59-CS-A Toyota Wish 09-up L-P1-PNG.p
Rubber Top Mount L-P4-PNG.png

​ The EL Series Features :​ 

  • 32 Levels Damping Force Adjustable

  • Simultaneous Compression / Rebound Adjustment

  • Linear Piston And Damping Curve

  • MONOTUBE Shock Design

  • 18 Months Limited Warranty on Shock Damper

  • Independent Ride Height Adjustment from Lower Mount. Not affecting spring compression and ride quality.

  • Rubber Top Mount - For vehicle with Front McPherson strut, if customer want more comfort and less noise ride, they can choose EL-A with front Rubber Top Mount. 

Rubber Top Mount L-P3-PNG.png
  • Camber Pillowball Top Mount - for vehicle with front McPherson strut, customer can order EL-B with front Pillowball Top Mount (with Camber plate if applicable) for better handling and more camber adjustment.
    [Please NOTE, it is NORMAL that Pillowball Top Mount may have some rattling sound when driving. This does NOT affect performance of suspension. The warranty do NOT cover for Pillowball noise.]

  • Top Spring Bearing Cap - under Pillowball top mount to eliminate spring noise caused by cornering. This design enables spring and shock to perform together more effectively.

  • Friction Wave Washer - For MacPherson strut, Friction Wave Washer is installed between lower locking collar and bottom mount. Preventing lower locking collar become loose and lower bracket from spinning.

  • Rear Sustech Upside-Down Strut for selective vehicle models - Newly improved rear damping force adjustment method for vehicle models that previously cannot adjust rear damping by conventional design.

    For some vehicle models, the chassis area on top of rear suspension strut is sealed with no holes. For conventional design, the damping cannot be adjusted without shock removal, or drill holes on chassis, which cause serious inconvenience.

    With Sustech Upside-Down design, these models can adjust damping force VERY EASILY now.

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