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Performance Pro-Race Series

2-Ways (PPR2) & 3-Ways (PPR3)

PPR Series

This is based on CR series of suspension with External Tank, but the damper valving and harder spring rate setup are specially designed for Track Race ONLY. Both Front and Rear come standard with Pillowball Top Mount (Front McPherson Strut come standard with Camber plate if applicable; Rear McPherson Strut is without Camber plate as standard).

With External Tank, the benefit of more stable temperature and performance for operating longer period of time make it ideal for racing purpose. And also, the 2-Ways and 3-Ways adjustable ability allow drivers to more fine tune the suspension to suit different race track layout and race condition.

 ● PPR2 - it is 2-WAYS Adjustable. Compression is 32-Levels Adjustable, and Rebound is also 32-Levels Adjustable.

 ● PPR3 - it is 3-WAYS Adjustable. High-Speed Compression is 50-Levels adjustable / Low-Speed Compression 24-Levels adjustable / Rebound is 32-Levels adjustable.


​ The PPR Series Features :​ 

  • External Nitrogen Tank to hold more damping oil to allow more stable temperature and performance for longer period of time. The canister comes with either hose or piggyback depending on the application.

  • PPR2 = 2-Ways Adjustable -
    Compression is 32-Levels Adjustable
    Rebound is also 32-Levels Adjustable

  • PPR3 = 3-Ways Adjustable -
    High-Speed Compression is 50-Levels Adjustable
    Low-Speed Compression is 24-Levels Adjustable
    Rebound is 32-Levels Adjustable

  • MONOTUBE Shock Design

  • 18 Months Limited Warranty on Shock Damper

  • Independent Ride Height Adjustment from Lower Mount. Not affecting spring compression and ride quality.

  • Reinforced Lower Mount - the lower mount has been reinforced for increase strength and durability to cope with the harsh operating on the track.

  • Camber Pillowball Top Mount - For vehicle with front McPherson strut, front Pillowball Top Mount is with Camber plate if applicable, for better handling and more camber adjustment.
    [Please NOTE, it is NORMAL that Pillowball Top Mount may have some rattling sound when driving. This does NOT affect performance of suspension. The warranty do NOT cover for Pillowball noise.]

  • Top Spring Bearing Cap - under Pillowball top mount to eliminate spring noise caused by cornering. This design enables spring and shock to perform together more effectively.

  • Friction Wave Washer - For MacPherson strut, Friction Wave Washer is installed between lower locking collar and bottom mount. Preventing lower locking collar become loose and lower bracket from spinning.

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